• Personality
    • Coachable player, open to direction, willingness to work on game outside of team training sessions. Shows patience and understanding of the coach’s instructions.
  • Mentality
    • Tenacious, hardworking, reads the game well, understands game management.
  • Vision
    • Has great vision for the game as a holding or attacking player during the right moments of the game. Finds the passing lanes, willing to slow the game or speed up play based on the situation. Vision for making runs to collect the ball and continue the play forward.
  • Tactical
    • Strong at holding ball up, give and go, running off the ball to open the game up for others switch of play and supporting the buildup. As striking great at making runs off the ball and creating space along with checking and showing for the ball to feet.
  • Technical
    • Technically good collecting the ball, playing quick passes, holding ball up or avoiding and beating pressure.
  • Physical
    • Has good instinct to win 50/50 balls and break up the attack. Strong in the air and directing the ball to a teammate. A physical player willing to make tackles. Good eye for reading the next pass of the opponent.


Mike Connell, Former Professional Player/USSF B, FC Tampa Rangers Club Director

Kevin McCarron, USSF C, Tampa Catholic HS

Jeff Foxenberger, LMT, PES, CSCS, USAW Movement Therapy/Strength & Conditioning Trainer – LMT, PES, CSCS, USAW (current trainer)

Sean Coniglio, Former Collegiate Player/USSF E, FC Tampa Rangers Coach

Kai Haaskivi, USSF A, Former Professional Player, Haaskivi Soccer Academy

Greg Statt, EUFA A Licensed Academy Coach, Rangers FC, Glasgow, Scotland

John Joyce, EUFA A Licensed Assistant Coach, Clyde FC, Cumbernauld, Scotland

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